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I have been using Saffron 2020 daily for about three years. I am finally seeing the fruits of my perseverance, as my vision continues its positive response to the intake of Saffron 2020.

It is not that my patience and faith were not tested, but Rome was not built in a day or a year either.

I am now able to read my computer screen with my left eye – albeit not perfectly as yet. Straight lines are still somewhat wobbly, but they are becoming straighter with time. I shall persevere.

I had used a blueberry product (as well as AREDS and Lutein) earlier prior to switching to Saffron 2020, but now will continue to use Saffron 2020, because it is working for me.

W. F. (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada; January 2016)


I am 84 years old and have had glaucoma for nine years and have had cataract surgery in both eyes. I was diagnosed with CRVO (central retinal vein occlusion) in January (2015) and referred to a specialist who recommended monthly injections into the affected eye. That sounded too gruesome to me, so I went online to get more information. That’s where I found info about Saffron 2020. I ordered some in March and have been using it for seven months. I had a comprehensive eye checkup last week and was amazed to find that my vision has improved, my visual field test was perfect, and my glaucoma pressure was the lowest it’s ever been. I plan to continue using Saffron 2020. Thank you for an effective & affordable treatment.

P. L (Lexington, KY, USA), October 2015


I began taking Saffron 2020 seven months ago, when I was newly diagnosed with macular degeneration – a new case, minimal signs of it, no symptoms, no wavy lines on the Amsler Grid – it just turned up on a routine check. I’ve also had cataracts in both eyes for a few years. According to my eye doctor, my left-eye cataract creates an effect of nearsightedness of one diopter. Looking with that eye alone, I saw brown spots on anything with a white or light background, like goo around what you’re looking at (not noticeable when looking with both eyes). This means that the cataract is well along on the road to “maturity”, where the eye doctor suggests removing it. Just a little more than three months into starting the Saffron 2020, I noticed something extraordinary. The brown spots disappeared from the left eye’s visual field. Since then, it’s becoming increasingly clear to me from both the eye charts and day-to-day experience that both my distance and near vision have improved, and are continuing to improve over time. I had never thought the Saffron 2020 would improve my cataracts – I just took it as a precaution. I begin to believe that I never will need cataract surgery on either eye!!

C. G. (USA)


My father is diagnosed with wet AMD in his right eye. Thanks to Saffron 2020, his condition is much much better now. The doctor even says that it is a miracle that my father’s eye can recover this good.

R. P. (Indonesia)


I was diagnosed with AMD in October 2013 and it was devastating. I had been receiving monthly injections until I started your product. I had purchased a 6 month supply online and about 5 months ago I noticed that my eye sight was improving. Well today was my last appointment. For the first time in the 40 years I have been wearing corrective lenses now have 20/20 in both eyes with my glasses, not only that my AMD is no longer, the two Doctors I seen were very impress and surprised by my improvement; they took notes on what I was taking and I no longer need injections or need to see them, just my regular eye doctor in 4 months. They showed me the before and after pictures of my eye and it is healed. If you ever need a spokesman I am your man.

J. R. (Ottawa, ON, Canada)


” My 90-year-old dad started taking your saffron about 3 months ago for his moderate macular degeneration and he has noticed a slight improvement in his vision so we are grateful to have found your research.

My dad not only has moderate AMD but he’s only had one eye for the past 30 years. A blood vessel broke in the back of his eye and when they tried to laser it, something went wrong and he lost vision in that eye so he’s had a glass eye since then.

Somehow he’s managed to still run their farm and do all his normal work since then but this past year, his one good eye started to deteriorate more. Then he had a cataract removed this past summer but when the ophthalmologist said there was nothing they could do for the AMD.

I told the doctor about Saffron 2020 and he agreed it was worth a shot and couldn’t hurt. I’m urging my dad to go back in for a follow-up after he’s taken saffron for 6 months. Because of my dad’s experience so far, I’ve started telling everyone I know about this.

N. J. O- USA


Hello, This is my feedback on Saffron 2020. I have been using it for a year now, for early macular degeneration, (which was diagnosed a year ago). According to my ophthalmologist’s recent exam, there is no further deterioration after one year on Saffron 2020… my eyes being virtually unchanged. This is very good news for me, and I have recommended this product to a cousin who also has AMD.
D.C. (Canada)


The tablets are for my parents. They both have macular degeneration. My father’s eyes have not deteriorated since taking the saffron tablets. He also has Glaucoma, so therefore it is difficult to assess the benefits of the saffron. My mother’s specialist hasn’t suggested any improvement. She also has cataracts. They have been taking the saffron tablets for four to five months.
Regards A. M. (Australia)


I have only been taking Saffron 2020 for about five weeks now, I think it has already helped me recover from some dreadful medication prescribed to me which resulted in my left eye becoming a little blurry and visibly drooping besides suffering nose bleeds. You can well imagine I only lasted a few days on it. The blurriness and droop in my eye has now disappeared.

D.N. (Australia)


I have been taking it for 6 months. I was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration about 8 months ago. For the past 4 months I have been delighted as have not needed an injection !! Marvellous and I believe it is a result of taking Saffron 2020.

Have told my GP, eye specialist and alternative medical doctor about it, plus friends and anyone suffering from this condition I can find.

“I am delighted to report that for the 6th consecutive month I have not needed an injection. Incredible result that I put down to a daily Saffron 2020 capsule while adhering to healthy lifestyle.”

November 2015: “After needing injections in both eyes for some time, I am delighted that also at my last 2 consultations with the ophthalmologist I have not needed an injection. Anyone who has experienced injections will appreciate the relief when told you are currently stable. Thank you Saffron 2020 as I truly believe in your product”.


With appreciation

Yours sincerely

L. T. (Melbourne Australia)


G’day from Australia

I recently purchased an order from your company for Saffron 2020. The package arrived today! We heard about the benefits of Saffron in an article on TV & researched your website on the internet.
I have recently been diagnosed with early Macular Degeneration so am hoping for great things!

My daughter intends to take Saffron 2020 as prevention treatment for the future.
Thanks again & I will definitely let you know what happens.

A. H.(Queensland, Australia)
G’day Team Saffron

I have been taking Saffron 2020 for a little over 2 months now & am very impressed!

My vision is no longer blurry & reading (even fairly fine print) is quite good.

I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration about 3 months ago.

Thank you for making such a marvellous NATURAL product that really works.

A. H.(Queensland, Australia)


3 months since taking it, my night vision when driving on wet roads has improved as has glare recovery.
P.C. (Australia)


I order it for my mother-in-law who is 92 and lives in Germany. Her Eye specialist told he that she has just to live with the fact that her eyesight would not get
better. She is very keen to maintain independent living and I decided to get her your saffron product.
G. A. Z-M. (Germany)

Hi, I have been taking Saffron 2020 for the past six months after reading about its properties, on Lesley Degner’s macular degeneration web site.
As this disorder is irreversible and incurable, I decided to use all means available to control it. Since using Saffron 2020 I have found that bright light
at night is not so bothersome and a recent eye test confirmed that my sight had not weakened enough to justify stronger lenses. I do need to re order…

N. M. (South Africa)


” I suffer from wet AMD in my right eye and I had read that some research was going on treating AMD with Saffron Pills so I first purchased Saffron 2020 in June 2011.
I thought that it was worth trying Saffron 2020 for two reasons firstly to improve or at least stabilize my affected eye. Secondly I thought it might help to avoid AMD in the other eye.
My AMD was diagnosed in October 2008 and in June 2011 I had my fifteenth Lucentis injection, ie one every six to eight weeks. The next one in December 2011 and another in July 2012 and none since then. Now I am not suggesting that this stabilization is only due to the Saffron 2020 but at least there is a great possibility that the saffron has made a significant contribution to this improvement. I shall certainly be continuing to take it for the foreseeable future. I am indeed truly grateful to you for bringing out a Saffron product which I had been unable to find elsewhere in the UK. Yours sincerely,. John D. (United Kingdom).



I have been taking SAFFRON 2020 for about 1 1/2 years because I was diagnosed with AMD early stage. I think it is a good product and seems to have the
necessary ingredients. I can’t say I have noticed any specific change to my vision but it has not gotten any worse either.

A. R. (Canada)


1. I have been using Saffron 2020 for 6 months
2. The main reason for taking Saffron 2020 is that I have Macular Degeneration in both of my eyes by birth. So, I have been using them to maintain eyesight
stable from getting degenerated.
3. I noticed somewhat stability than before and some relief in eyes since I started using saffron 2020, Really it is a great medicine…

V. K. (India)


[After] 14 months [using Saffron 2020] for dry macular degeneration, [the results are]; increased colour and clarity, reduction of blind spot, elimination of eye stress.

B. H (Canada, April 2014)